about us.

SideWave program is dedicated to developing technologies and processes for treatment and valorization of side- and waste streams. For this aim, we established two valorization trajectories:

trajectory 1.

In the first trajectory, we focus on the technological process developments to recover organic and inorganic chemicals or pollutants from varieties of aqueous industrial side, waste streams and also low-value waste materials such as manure and wastewater treatment sludge. If applicable, we employ chemical and biological processes to convert the recovered chemicals to high added value products such as polymers, bio-plastics, fertilizers, etc.

trajectory 2.

In the second trajectory, we aim to develop novel analytical tools to analyze the removal or conversion efficiencies of the process under scrutiny to optimize the process conditions for higher yields. Our main target is to integrate novel technologies for the detection and removal of priority substances such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxic, recalcitrant chemicals. Given the nature of these priority substances, it is important to not only remove them to very low concentrations, but also not to create intermediates that are potentially even more harmful. Therefore, it is crucial to have reliable analytical tools to monitor the target compounds and their degradation to other products.

our mission.

SideWave’s mission is to become a centre of excellence where industry can collaborate with experts to bring innovative solutions for treatment of challenging industrial waste & wastewater. Our aim is to investigate and develop environmental-friendly processes while finding additional resources for industry and supporting circular economy.

our vision.

SideWave’s vision is to bring innovation for cleaner, self-sufficient and sustainable industrial processes for environment and society.

contribution to SDGs.

The EU is committed to support the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To endeavor towards a sustainable future for our society and earth, 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are defined. SideWaVe is actively contributing the following SDGs:

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