KU Leuven’s research platform for valorisation of side & waste(water) streams

tailored solutions for treatment and valorisation
of side and waste streams

SideWave is a unique interdisciplinary platform in which two KU Leuven research groups join forces in the field of tailored-made solutions for the treatment of industrial side, waste and wastewater streams. Resource recovery and detoxification via the treatment of hazardous streams is the key focus of the platform. Distinct expertise in treatment and conversion of waste(water) streams is provided by the Process and Environmental Technology Lab (Department of Chemical Engineering), whereas the advanced chemical analysis domain is covered by the Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Analysis.

research lines.

chemical conversion.

In the transition towards a non-toxic environment, upstream treatment of side and waste streams of industrial processes is inevitable. The SideWaVe research team at KU Leuven has an extensive expertise in the development of end-of-pipe Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) to degrade a wide range of toxic and persistent micropollutants (e.g. originating from the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture pesticides, food industry, etc.) just before being disposed in natural water bodies. By treating industrial side- and waste streams, high economic costs related to the proper treatment of wastewater are avoided.

biochemical conversion.

We believe wasting waste is wasted opportunity! Industrial side, waste and wastewater streams are rich in resources in different chemical and energy forms, and too valuable to waste. In SideWaVe, we develop custom biochemical and biological processes which are suitable to treat complex industrial waste streams in solid, sludge, slurry or water phases, while creating value out of it. We focus on the production of platform chemicals from waste and convert them to high added value end products such as polymers, biofuels, fertilizers, etc in later stages.

chemical analysis.

Identification and separation of chemical molecules through analytical chemistry tools plays a key role in process engineering applications. A team of researchers in the SideWaVe platform develops innovative methodologies for the chromatographic analysis of micropollutants in mixed water streams.


our newest projects.


Training a new generation of researchers in Innovative Electrochemical Oxidation processes


Removal of organic micropollutants from water


The NuReDrain project is a research programme on filtration systems for nutrient recovery from agricultural waters.


Integrated treatment of wastewater from tank cleaning industry

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